Annual Conference 2018


Day One: Thursday 2 August
Christian Moraru (UNC Greensboro), “‘An Essentially Aesthetic Affair’: Presence, Beauty, and Geopolitics in Infinite Jest.”


Papers from the Glasgow Research Group
Antonio Aguilar Vazquez (Glasgow), “Public Redescriptions in The Pale King: David Foster Wallace and Richard Rorty”
Flora Thomas (Glasgow), “The Underworlds of Infinite Jest.”
Chair: Jamie Redgate (Glasgow)


Roundtable: Gender and Wallace Trouble
Joel Roberts (Brighton)
Stuart Taylor (Glasgow)
Sophie Vlacos (Glasgow)
Chair: Flora Thomas (Glasgow)


Day Two: Friday 3 August
Panel: Wallace’s Bodies of Thought
Will Allen (Cambridge), “Schizophonia and Schizophrenia: The Sonic Neurology of David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest
James Baxter (Reading), “‘The Textual Urge’: Wallace, Beckett and Boring Narrative”
Joel Roberts (Brighton), “Signifying Whiteness: Confession, Metafiction, and the Body in David Foster Wallace
Chair: Mark West (Glasgow)